Q: What do I need to do to join the Mechanized Cavalry?

A: Click on the  SCV-MC  link and select the Membership Application button.  Fill out and mail. 

Q: What do I need to do to see the post for a certain day?

A: Click on the day of the month.  Once the post shows on the page, click on the title of the post to activate any links that it might have.

Q: What do I need to do to find a post if I have no idea what day it was posted?

A: Use the search to find a topic.  Just type in a word or phrase of the subject your looking for.  If it is in a post, it will return it.  If there are links, you must click on the title of the post to activate them.

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  1. Hi, I am a former member of the SCV, The HL Hunley Camp 143 in South Carolina. I am a avid motorcycle rider, HD of course. I am concerned that the Mech. Cav. looks alot like motorcycle club. Is this a problem, anywhere? if not, what sets them apart. I have been thinkin of returning to the SCV, as I was a charter member of the Hunley Camp, and the first reciepiant of the coveted Blue Lantern Award. Biking could make it easier to return and have more fun than just gettin burnt out again

  2. Met some members @ Cartesville HD last weekend and Iam interseted in getting some info. Dont fly any colors now but really like the cause have been in the scv a long time ago, I bleed stars and bars.

  3. iam in the mech cav and i really like it, i rode with another club year,s ago, but the cav i like and plan on staying with it till i cant ride no more. sgt possum owens 2-D w.va.

  4. I just joined SCV. How do I join the mechanized cavalry?

  5. Click the SCV-MC link and select the membership application button. Fill out, add $100.00 (one time fee) and mail. Where are you located?

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